Why think about Air Conditioning now?

Whilst you may feel that it is not the season to install air conditioning (its not hot, its not cold, its not humid) this is exactly the time to be thinking about an installation.

Why wait?

It is a well known fact among the air conditioning companies in this part of the world that suppliers run out of stock right in the heat of the summer, and new units and replacement parts take far longer to arrive.

This is crazy as it is exactly the time you would need urgent attention - in the heat of the summer.

Let's also not ignore the the fact that a lot of the distribution points that the manufacturers use actually close for a few weeks in August! So thinking ahead and being pro-active with your requirements will not only ensure you get what you want, when you want it, but also at the great pre-season discounted prices that we aim to offer.

Why install Air conditioning out of the Heating or Cooling Season?

  • Because you still need to control the temperature inside your house, even at this time of the year. Enjoying the ability to control temperatures in each room of your house
  • Climatised bedrooms in the summer, heated bedrooms in the winter, and a constant temperature out of season
  • With this temperature control all year round, you can keep the doors and windows closed at all times, which means that you will not get mosquitoes and other unwanted bugs coming through open windows
  • Noise pollution will no longer effect you, with your windows and doors closed
  • Keeping your doors and windows closed will give you a better level of security, and when using your air conditioning you obviously need the doors and windows closed to make the machines work effectively
  • The air conditioning units manufactured now allow for higher energy efficiency with modern heat pump technology. You are usually looking at a unit that will consume up to 80% less power than some other forms of electrical heating
  • Air Conditioning gives instant climatisation which is ideal for all weather types, and this is all achieved at just a push of a button

Professional Installation

Minimal disruption in your home

Minimal disruption to your home

Care and attention at every stage of the installation

Care and attention at every stage of the installation

The unit in place, a clean and professional installation - as always!

The unit in place, a clean and professional installation - as always!

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