When Size Matters!!

It's the old analogy - you wouldn't replace a Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport engine with a FIAT 500 engine would you? If you have to ask why not - then stop reading !!

So why would you allow a sales engineer to sell you a 7000 BTU capacity air conditioning unit to climatise your open plan kitchen/dining/ lounge area - with a hallway leading onto an open plan study? And believe it or not - this happens just too often.


The weather on the Costa del Sol is heating up and the undersized machines installed over the last 12 months are packing up!! And the only reason a machine would be sold and installed undersized is to keep the prices as low as possible so the selling company can get the deal. Quick sale and run. And where are these installation companies when you need them to come back!? Too busy selling another undersized unit, to another client!!

At Envirocare, we care about our clients. Envirocare size each area individually to asses the correct size of the machine required to cool, heat or dehumidity effectively. We have to take into account the room size, including the the ceiling height, and the volume of glass windows in each room.

We also have to look at the existing power supply into the property, and the length of the pipe run. This means the distance from the internal to the external unit. We also have to look at how we are going to get a power supply to work the system and how we are going to install the water system, to make sure that all water exits the property in an effective manner.

Only after the full assessment has taken place, can our sales engineer present our clients with a quotation. If you are looking for an air conditioning installation, or replacement units, call us with the confidence that you will know that we care about the longevity of our installations, the long term satisfaction of our clients and the quality reputation we have built up since 1996.


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