Take back control of your Air Conditioning energy consumption

Air conditioning is an absolute must for the rental season, but I bet you don't like the way uncontrolled use of air conditioning effects your electricity bills!?

No I thought not!!!

Installing modern quality air conditioning systems will reduce your consumption bills heavily when compared to the running costs of the older non-inverter units, and regular air conditioning servicing will also help keep the consumption levels down to as much as possible.

However, if you're not careful you will get massive overuse of the air conditioning from your rental clients; they may leave the units running 24/7, run them with doors and windows open, and, it has been know, dry their towels on the heat coming out of the external units. Not only could your electricity bills be high, but also a break down could occur with such uncontrolled use.

What's the answer?

Look at installing an air conditioning consumption meter.

These meters are installed and linked to the air conditioning, and give the client a specific allowance of consumption before the system will switch off. For example, if you calculate that with normal use, running the air conditioning for a period of a week, may cost 25 euro then the meter will be programmed with a card to allow 30 euro of credit (as an example). Once this is used up, the meter will not allow the air conditioning system to operate further. During the whole period of usage, the rental client can see exactly how much credit they have used. This will really focus the mind on how not to abuse the usage.

Now - it wouldn't do you any favours - and certainly would not encourage repeat rental if your client had the use of their system stopped due to their over use! So - as second card is supplied, and the clients are informed, that if they have to use the second card, the cost of this will be discounted from their deposit!

Quite simple really!!

And so much better than the old fashioned and hard to manage coin meters. Who in this era wants to go back to inserting coins into a meter?

Doesn't really give that quality feel to a holiday home does it?

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