How to Reduce Air Conditioning Power Consumption in 7 easy steps:

Have you watched your electricity bills rise, and do you need to address this?  To do this, you need to understand these costs and one of the costs is the amount you are paying to run your Air Conditioning systems.

There are factors which will reflect how efficient your Air Conditioning is and how much electricity you are using to run your Air Conditioning units can depend on these factors.

How much power are your units using?  If you look at the label on the unit this will tell you how much power the unit should use, under perfect conditions.  But - as we know, conditions are not always perfect! Look at:

  • The age of your units.
  • The size of your units.
  • The size of the space your unit is working with
  • How well the units have been installed
  • The weather and external temperatures

Here are some things to think about when you are looking at reducing electrical consumption of your Air Conditioning systems.

  1. Service your Air Conditioning units regularly.
  2. Clean the filters as often as you can.
  3. Keep your windows and doors closed when your Air Conditioning is in use.
  4. On cooling switch up the controller by one degree. One degree will not make much difference to the temperature of your room, but will make a difference to your electrical consumption.
  5. Consider using your Air Conditioning units in conjunction with a timer.
  6. Fit door and window sensors.
  7. If you are running old units, consider upgrading to a modern energy efficient Air Conditioning unit.

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