Air Conditioning: Service, Repair and Installations, on the Costa Del Sol: 5 Questions to ask your when booking the appointment:

When you need an Air Conditioning specialist , for servicing, repairs, and installations; how do you pick the right company?

It´s got to be a company that arrives on time, showing up when promised.  Has full office back up, giving confidence, with their knowledge and professionalism.
Heres some questions you should bear in mind when making your choice.
 We want you to use our services, but if you don't:  The answers to these questions should enable you to go with a professional company which will give you a quality Air Conditioning experience.


1  How long have you been installing on the Costa del Sol

You don't want to contract a company that may be out of business when you need continued service work. You need a great company that have been around many years.  A company who is on top of their game in terms of specialist knowledge and latest technical knowledge.
Envirocare`s Answer:   We have been servicing, repairing and installing quality Air Conditioning in Spain for over 24 years, to a very high level of expertise.

2. How many teams do they have on the road, on the Costa del Sol

Bigger is not necessarily better, but it does help!  The Costa del Sol can be a crowded place on the roads, especially with the massive range of nationalities who have holiday homes here, keeping the Coast busy at all times of the year.  Your chosen company needs to have technicians close by to give swift service.
Envirocare`s Answer: We have a good fleet of vehicles for our teams, so the likelihood is we will have someone in your area, at the time you need us.


3 What is there Response Time 

Response time is important:  But - really this goes hand in hand with the next point.
Envirocare`s Answer:  Our response time is excellent, and we work within the schedule of our clients.


4 How fast can parts be located

A quick response time doesn't mean great service when it comes to breakdowns and repairs, if it taking days and days to locate the replacement parts.
It is a quick turn round in parts to repair the units that makes the cut.
Envirocare`s Answer:  We work with a number of suppliers who hold stock, or can source at short notice.


5 What does your service or call out appointment include.

Check out what the service or call out will include and the price.  If a price is substantially lower, there must be a reason for this.
Envirocare´s Answer:  We have a very comprehensive list of service/maintenance checks, which will keep your machines in top working order.  These checks will also establish if the Air Conditioning systems have faults which need to be addressed.
Talk to Envirocare personally, to book service, repairs or installations.

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