Envirocare – About Us

In 1987 Helen and Phil set up EnviroCare. At the time, it really wasn't part of the plan to stay in Spain, but after the initial few sales and then the onset of a booming economy, the decision to stay was really made for them.

Their teams of fitters were out all along the Spanish coast installing the products that Phil and Helen were selling. The economy was on fire! Developments were springing up everywhere and there wasn't one villa that stayed on the market for long. Installations, renovations and upgrading systems was what it was all about.

The first office employee was Valerie From Belgium. Over the years there have been quite a few more, bringing a wide range of languages into the company. The office location has changed several times; firstly in Calahonda, then due to expansion moved along the coast to Mijas Costa. The offices in Los Boliches, Fuengirola were soon out grown, and since 2009 they have occupied a lovely road frontage office complex on the Carretera de Mijas with windows looking over the Mijas mountain range.

For many years now, Phil has headed the installation teams, getting back to what he has always felt happiest with; installing equipment for clients.

EnviroCare has seen a very deep recession in Southern Spain but they are still here stronger than ever before. Even now the recession hasn't gone, but there are new clients coming along, and there has been a very positive start and feel to 2015 which they hope means that the year will be a good one.

When you call the office you will speak to Nico. Nico has been with the company since early 2014 and is now well and truly part of the furniture.

Their partner company Masterbuild is a big part of EnviroCare. It was created from the need of their clients to undertake renovations and upgrades to their holiday homes and apartments.

Existing clients wanted the same quality and attention to detail that they received from EnviroCare when it came to renovations and development work, so after listening to their clients, Masterbuild was formed.

Helen and Phil wish to thank all of their customers old and new for giving them the opportunity to assist with their air conditioning, heating, cooling and solar requirements, as well as giving them the positivity to establish Masterbuild 10 years ago. They appreciate their business and support.

EnviroCare has been here since 1997, but are still in their prime and look forward to being of service for many years to come.